Entry #1


2017-02-20 09:30:17 by FoxiFyer

2 stars, no feedback, the newgrounds standard :P


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2017-02-20 09:56:34

Someone did that to me the other day. Someone better stop being ass or I'm going to have to give them the finger.


2017-02-20 17:15:55

You have a comic series for these characters, right? I want to see this series being submitted. I want you to give me reasons to love these dragons. Portraits of them in relatively simple poses with empty backgrounds doesn't amount to much. On the other hand, works like Speed of Light, Head in the Clouds, How to Valentine's Card actually give the viewer plenty to look at, but, even better, many of your older works, like Pangaea Title Card, Earthbound Pic, and (Old) Star Fall also have a certain charm to them that I appreciate considerably more.

On a side note, I wholeheartedly thank you providing some much needed fanart of The Secret of NIMH on Newgrounds. I used to watch that all the time (and Mr. Boogedy for whatever reason), back when my brother and I had to stay in an after school program from 2 to 5pm, because we were too young to be alone in the house. Admittedly, while your portrait of Mrs. Brisby was beautifully done (and I know Mr. Bluth's style is a challenging one for many to copy), it's kinda bland overall. She merely has her arms out and there's no background of any kind. Still, compared to the nothing else I find on the Art Portal, it's great to see the film hasn't been forgotten. You should post that portrait here, as well. Her with the flowers isn't enough.

I went through your artwork and rated each one. Helped bring up the score a little, though it would take me quite a long time to provide a review of each one, and many would just sound the same anyhow. I am curious as to what is Vanessa's favorite kind of fries. For me, it's a toss up of tater tots or those crunchy, spicy ones.

FoxiFyer responds:

thanks! well, believe it or not I've actually done alot of work fleshing out these characters over the years, I made up Pangaea when I was 12, and have been working on it since, the problem is I've had problems with filling negative space once I switched to digital, but I've been improving on that more and more. and as far as Pangaea, I do need to write more comics, but I also still need to bring all their designs up to my modern standard, plus I still have to finish writing the pilot, so theres alot on my plate, I just need to learn to procrastinate less.